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It is a well-known fact that new authors often struggle to find the right publishing partner. In many cases, they are required to pay a significant amount to get their work published. However, at Beesquare, we are committed to supporting new authors. We are pleased to offer a free publishing for your book.

Submit Your Book

Submit your book to us using the form below or simply email it to our dedicated team at publishing@beesquare.co.in. We kindly request that you ensure your book is in the docs format, as this is the only format we are able to accept at this time. Thank you!

Cover Design

You can choose to submit your book cover design in standard book formats, such as 5x8 size or 6x9 size. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can assist you in designing one at an affordable cost. Please note that we only accept jpeg or png files.

Proof Reading

Every book we receive will undergo a thorough proofreading process to enhance its story flow, narration, and eliminate any grammatical errors. Our dedicated team will handle this for you at no cost, allowing you to concentrate on your own work ;)

Book Distribution

Once your final draft is complete, your book will be sent to our distribution team. This means that your book will be available for purchase on popular platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and other ebook stores.

Our Talents

Come and say hello to your co authors and share your writing experiences.

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Meet The Team

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Ravi R Naik

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Anitha Yogeshwar

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